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Innovative Future of Digital World
To help you streamline and automate business processes, we develop customized software applications, based on your unique requirements.
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We are one of the fastest growing Web Design, Digital Marketing, and App Development company in Canada, and serve clients in diverse industries.

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Why Mughal Technologes?

Expert Team

Yes, we don’t outsource any of our work; everything we do is in-house to ensure that we deliver high-quality work in the shortest possible time.

We are one of the very few web design companies in Pakistan that don’t outsource any work.

Tap into our talented website designers, graphic artists, web developers, content writers, Digital Marketing experts, and SEO gurus who are all dedicated to making your brand successful.

Personal Touch

We don’t provide cookie-cutter or template-based solution. We work closely with you to understand your business and deliver a customized solution, unique to your business DNA. The website is based on the theme and design that enhances your brand identity and unique value prop.

Our personalized service has made us one of the leading application design companies.

One-Stop Shop

We are a one-stop shop for all your IT services. Whether you are looking for website design to build an online presence, Digital Marketing to promote your services, or Custom Software Solution to automate business processes; our team can help you with all these and much more.

Are You Looking To?

We can help you achieve your goals through a software application tailored to your business needs

Streaming and automate manual process?

Are you looking to differentiate your business from competitors?

Make processes error-free and more efficient?

Improve customer-experience?

Become more innovative and launch new products to market faster?

Make your operations more efficient, safe, and productive?

Increase revenue and profitability?

Reduce overhead costs and expenses?

The Technical
Expertise We Master In

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the many functionalities and features that determine the ultimate price of an app, it’s important to discuss variable details with a developer. Variables include: timeline, payment expectations, server, and operational needs, as well as any potential extra charges that might arise.

We aren’t just focused on the custom software or mobile app that needs to be built. We’re usually discussing overall business goals with our clients, and how an app can strategically help achieve those objectives.

Discussing timelines is a critical part of every project. Without disciplined project management and transparent, continuous conversation between a developer and an organization on progress, hurdles, and objectives, there is little to no chance for success.

We understand that businesses have to work within a limited budget, but want to get maximum business value out of their IT investment. Organizations want their IT partners to be reasonable and cost-effective. That is why we offer the flexibility of a fixed pricing model as well as variable Time &Labor pricing model. Key difference between the two is that in the former, there is a flat cost, while in the latter, it varies based on the time and scope of the project, as well as the no. of resources required to deliver it. With both pricing models available, you decide what makes the most sense for your software development project, given cost and time constraints.

A critical aspect of app development projects is who owns the intellectual property and source code once the project is complete. Some IT companies charge lower development cost, but retain the code ownership. It comes as a surprise to organizations when they have to pay extra charges to have the proprietary data or source code released. We set clear expectations with our clients that you have full rights to the proprietary data and source code and can do whatever they like with it. Since the software was built based on your requirements and you paid for it, you have full ownership rights for it.